Indoor/Outdoor Lighting


The Importance of Indoor Lighting

Indoor lighting is limitless. Specific types of lighting will enhance the wants and needs of the homeowner.

Task lighting is typically thought of in work spaces where localized light is needed. In your home, these spaces can include home office space, kitchen counters, reading and craft area and even lighting over dining room tables.

Ambient lighting predicts the mood of the room. Whether it is a room of function or relaxation, ambient light can be achieved with a combination of natural light from the sun and moon along with artificial lighting.

Accent lighting is used to show off features within the home. This type of light expands the beauty of your home as well as the personality of the homeowner.  Examples include highlighting a piece of artwork, portraits or even a bookshelf with targeted light, are very effective.


The Benefits of Outdoor Lighting

Enhancing your home with outdoor lighting helps provide safety to you, your family and visitors. By strategically placing lights along walkways, around pools, decks, etc. you are first protecting yourself and others from slips and falls. But, also helping decrease the chances of attempted burglaries on your home. A burglar will not want to be spotted, which makes outdoor lighting a no brainer!

Not only does exterior lighting provide safety, but it also provides beauty to the exterior of your home. Shining a light on the landscape surrounding your home, will highlight your unique tastes.  Whether you are looking to achieve a look that brings you tranquility and calmness or want lights that enhance your backyard entertaining we can help customize exterior lighting to fit your needs.


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